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Our Specialization "we have developed miniature painting style of rajasthan into Tanjore Art Paintings."

Tanjore Paintings for sale in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad

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Tanjore Paintings

Welcome to the beautiful world of traditional and modern Indian Art. Ranjit's New Tanjore Art brings life to exquisite art works by integrating traditional design with evergreen classical styles. Here is a site to view some of our finest Tanjore paintings in which 22 carat gold leaves are used exclusively.

Tanjore (or Thanjavour or Thanjavoor) paintings have a very rich heritage. From centuries, this style of painting has been followed widely by the people in India. Likewise other traditional Indian paintings, these paintings are also famous across India.

Originated from Thanjavur, this art has great significance majorly in the same geographical area. The masters of this art create paintings of Hindu gods and goddess in a creative manner. These paintings are commonly used for decorating walls and other areas of holy places. tanjore art paintings are panel paintings, which can be done on wooden planks and often referred as Palagai Padam in local parlance. Apart from these traditional paintings, some marble paintings are also available with us that possess Tanjore art. Experts of this art can design innovative paintings on marbles in a fascinating way.

Find variety of Tanjore paintings for sale at highly acclaimed Indian art gallery store at reasonable prices. You can also avail customized paintings pertaining to this art from us. Our experts craft and design these paintings with images of Indian god on wood, marble, and wall of temples or anywhere else as per your choice. We also help you learn this art of painting and provide regular classes in the guidance of expert painters to help interested people learn this magical art.

We have 25 years of experience in Traditional Indian Paintings of different types. We also offer Tonjore (Thanjavur) Paintings Classes in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad.

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What is tanjore paintings?
Tanjore painting is a classical South Indian painting style that was originated from Thanjavur and spread across the adjoining and geographically contiguous Tamil country, by leaving huge significance in all the parts of the area. The painting is characterized by rich, flat and vivid colors, simple iconic composition and glittering gold to make it look more attractive. In tanjore paintings, one can see the influence of Deccan, Vijayanagar, Maratha and even European styles of painting, serving as devotional icons, the subjects of most paintings are Hindu gods, goddesses, and saints.

History & Evolution
Thanjavur has a unique place in the history of Indian painting as these paintings were placed in the 11th century in the Brihadeeswarar temple. According to the British chronicler Charles Gold, in his book Oriental Drawings which was published in 1806, these paintings were painted by 'Moochys or Artists of India'. Tanjore glass paintings, following the techniques of Chinese reverse glass paintings were so popularized that these paintings were done on the reverse surface of a glass sheet with strips of metal beaten into transparent gaps to simulate the effect of jewelery and precious stones.

How Tanjore Paintings are made ?
Tanjore paintings are the panel paintings that are crafted on a canvas over a wooden plank with Arabic gum, and hence, referred to as Palagai Padam in local parlance, where Palagai means 'wooden plank' and Padam means 'picture'. The artists then draw or trace a detailed outline of the main and subsidiary subjects on the canvas using a stencil. Most of the thanjavur paintings that are designed are of Hindu deities & saints. Today, these paintings have become souvenirs for festive occasions in South India where art lovers decorate their walls and area with these tanjore paintings.

Ranjit Tanjore Portfolio


Salasar Balaji
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1228

3D Srinath Ji
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1229

3D Srinath Ji Painting
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1230

Srinath Ji 3D Painting
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1231

Sleeping Buddha
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1232

Tirupati Balaji
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1233

Randha Krishna
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1234

Lord Buddha
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1235

venkatesh Balaji
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1236

venkatesh Tirupati Balaji
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1237

Shri Lord Venkateswara
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1238

Sai Baba
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1239

Laxmi Ji
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1240

Krishna Ji
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1240

Ganpati Ji
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1241

Shri Venkateswara
Tanjore Painting
Code No : 1242

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